فبراير 17, 2014

Sara 2014

يقوم مخرج ومؤلف بصناعة فيلم واقعيّ يجسّد قصة “سارة”، وهي فتاة فلسطينيّة من إحدى مخيّمات غزّة، تعرّضت للعنف الأسريّ، والحبس، والقتل على خلفيّة ما يسمى”جرائم الشّرف”. يعجز المؤلف عن وضع نهاية متخيّلة مقنعة للفيلم، ويجتهد المخرج، القابض على جمرة الحقيقة، في إخراج صديقه من حالة إنكارٍ يعيشها بسبب قصّة “سارة”، الّتي ربّما تكون أكثر واقعيّةً من أن يحتملها الخيال. يحكي الفيلم حكايةً مغايرةً عن غزّة، الّتي تعاني من أشياء أخرى إلى جانب البطولة، والتي يقوم أهلها بأشياء أخرى غير الموت، كما أنهم يتألمون أيضًا لأسبابٍ حياتية عاديةٍ، مثلهم مثل باقي البشر.
A screenwriter and a director are working on a film about Sara, a Palestinian girl in one of Gaza’s refugee camps, who is a victim of an “honour killing”. The screenwriter is unable to write an ending that is both compelling and fictitious – the happy ending that he had hoped for. Meanwhile, the director, who is insistent on upholding the truth, is as keen to end his film, as he is to help his friend, who is deeply affected by Sara’s story. The film presents the different sides of Gaza, whose people are hurt by everyday issues as much as by death.

Director : khalil Al -Mozian 
Producer : Jamal Qumsan
Scriptwriter : Naim Al Khatib, khalil Al -Mozian 
Cinematographer : Ibrahim Yaghi
Editor : Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa, Montaser Alsabea
Composer : Jaber Alhaj
Cast : Naim Al Khatib, Jamal Qumsan, Inas Al-Saqa, Haia Ashour
Voice Cast : Mohammed Abu Seedo

سبتمبر 12, 2012

Gaza 36mm (Doc Film)


Gaza 36 mm..  is a translation for reality good at the game of death more than the game of life, which is reflected bleak outlook for art in general and cinema in particular.

Gaza 36 mm..  small window, Gaza saw through it to outer space
Gaza 36 mm..  cine code special to Gaza, reflects the status of mass, devastation and the suffering which

the cinemas faced in the Strip for reasons of ideology and social.

Gaza 36 mm..  talking about a garbage dump was in that days cinema, teeming with visitors

Filming: Arab Nasser & Ibrahim Yaghi

Editing & Mixaging: Arab Nasser

Art Design: Tarzan Nasser Producer: Ibrahim Yaghi

Written & Directed by: Khalil El-Mozian

Produced by: Lama Film for Cinema Production

Suported by: Doha Film Institute


أبريل 25, 2011

Masho Matook (Featuer Film)

I was 10 years old when I was playing with my friends a game called “The Pile”. We were playing and having fun until the ball was dropped near the Israeli Army patrol that used to station around the corner. The Israeli soldiers held on to the ball for some time, so we went to ask them to give it back to us in order to resume our game. They lured us into taking a piece of chocolate along with the ball as

a token of good will. As the Israeli soldiers started arguing among themselves, we were able to take both the ball and the piece of chocolate.
We finished the game, yet it wasn’t over for me. I thought that by faking it all over again, I’ll get more candy. Therefore, I threw the ball towards them. However, what happened back then was even more atrocious than what I expected.

Director: Khalil Al Mozayen
Production by: LAMA Art


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