Festival 2015

Karama Gaza edition “2015”

The festival was conducted on May 12, 2015 till May 15, 2015 as part of the first cycle. This festival was held in Gaza Strip toke a place in the middle of the destroyed houses at Al-Shega’ya neighbor in Gaza. while, the festival continued at Almeshal Auditorium for the next two days, 26 films from both categories (short and long films) had been screened and more than 9000 visitors attended. In spite of the limited resources, the festival organized various debates and successfully delivered the message behind it, the festival also was covered by local, region and global media.


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Festival News:



        Media & newspaper:

·        laizquierda diario

·        aljazeerachannel

·       russia today

·       972mag

·       dailymail

·       tribune

·       al-monitor

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