Festival 2017

We Want to Return "2017"

The third edition of Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival toke a place on 12th May, 2017 till 18th May, 2017 at several Palestinian cities:

Gaza strip

Opening day of the festival:

The festival opened on Friday, 12 May, with the attendance of approximately 8,000 visitors from all over the Gaza Strip, as well as a wide range of local and international media and press agencies.
The opening ceremony started with a series of songs followed by the speakers of the festival to the audience and the word of human rights in Arabic and English, then a carpet of 200 meters was opened by the audience of the festival of all age groups and there was a clear presence of foreign guests working for foreign agencies in Gaza Strip. The media agencies began to cover the event in an intensive and detailed manner. Some of them covered the festival live and direct, and the band was waiting for the audience and played a group of songs for half an hour. The atmosphere was wonderful and we felt joy and happiness in the eyes of the crowd. Especially since we were able to move them to another world away from the siege and the war and even the port was different for the audience. We managed to turn it into a theater for a large summer cinema hall in the water. The festival posters and posters of different sizes ranged from 30 square meters to 40 square meters, the panels were designed to allow the audience to capture selfi images. The lighting turned the water into a painting as well as the sound of the place. The audience then went to sit in front of the screen display, which screened a collection of trailers, short video clips and “Ghost hunting” Palestinian documentary film winning the 2016 Berlin Festival. The screening lasted for two hours and ended with the invitation of the festival’s audience to attend the second day of the festival in both the civil society and the cultural theater, and we have achieved great success beyond our vision and we received great media coverage and began to receive praise and congratulations from everyone and even from outside the Gaza Strip.


The festival was opened there by live broadcast of the opening events in Gaza. A comedian who played the role of master of the ceremony and succeeded in delivering the festival’s speech to the audience there in an unconventional way that offers the culture of human rights to the public in an enjoyable way.
About 1,400 audience members attended the opening and presented a series of short films, “The Parrot, The Game Changer, My Second Eye” and held a panel discussion on the sidelines of the presentations, which discussed the topics presented in the films presented. and it achieved the goals according to plan.


The opening of the festival at Al-Khashba Theater was a live and direct event for the opening events in Gaza and attended by about 800 audience members. The opening activities were limited to a series of short films: “The Parrot, The Game Changer, The Second Eye”.
On the second day of the festival, the performances were expanded to include cultural centers and NGOs. A number of presentations were made at the Faculty of Dar Al Kalima, Birzeit University in Ramallah, Gaza Center for Culture and Arts, Al-Taghreed Society in Rafah, South Gaza Strip, The cultural Almeshal Centre in Gaza,the Arab League in Jaffa and the theater in Haifa in the evening. The number of visitors in the places mentioned with a total of 3000 visitors. This day was characterized with carrying out about six workshops and panel discussions in the West Bank and Gaza on the sidelines of the film shows despite the control in Gaza .

The third day of the festival:

In the morning, in the West Bank, the film “The Forbidden Land” was screened at the Pioneers Association in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. The film was screened by a large audience of students and those interested in culture and cinema in Ramallah.

Show solidarity with the festival evening:

 The festival aims at exchanging cultural and experiential experiences with the film festivals in the Arab region. In addition to being a founding member of a network of rivers, the agreement between the network and the network included organizing a series of performances in five Arab countries in solidarity and support for the red carpet festival in Palestine. The film “Ambulance” was screened in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and Jordan in conjunction with its main show in Gaza and the West Bank. The film “Ambulance” by the young director Mohammed al-Jabali, the story of the recent Israeli war on Gaza, which lasted for 51 days in 2014 by accompanying the director of a paramedic..
After the presentation of the film, a discussion was held in Gaza and then film shows continued .On the other side in the West Bank, the film “Black Wind” is in the municipal theater.


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