Edition 2016 "we want to breathe"

The second edition of Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival toke a place on 12th May, 2016 till 17th May, 2016 at several places such as Rashad AL-Shawwa hale, Palestinian universities and colleges and AL-Meshal hale. The festival opened at Rashad AL-Shawwa hale with various activities such as playing piano, film screening and others. The festival continued for five days included screening about 50 films and almost 2000 visitors attended the festival daily. 12 workshops in several places were executed during the festival. The festival was successfully arranged in the suitable places and time in spite of various difficulties and obstacles that had been practiced by Gaza government. For media, the event covered in social media, several international channels and newspapers that made it easy to the festival to be delivered to the world.

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