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يناير 9, 2016

Abed El-Rahman M. Hussien




Gaza Strip – Beit Lahia American school St.


Mobile:00972599553050 / 00972592991153

Email: [email protected]


Abed El-Rahman M. Hussien


Personal Information :


  • Nationality: Palestinian
  • Date of Birth: 10th. Oct 1985
  • Identity No   : 801316100


Educational Qualifications :

  • 2003 [General Secondary Education-Science Section]
  • 2006 [Al-Azhar university]
  • [Diploma in design & editing, College of Intermediate Studies]


Experiences :


# Year Job title Institution Details

Films and videos

2007 Editor


Ramattan News Agency, produced for Al Jazeera channel “Passengers on Gaza’s skin”, documentary film,
2007 Editor


Ramattan News agency “Expired show”, Video art
2008 Editor


Ramattan News agency “failure of a scene”, video art
2008 Editor


Ramattan News Agency “To my father”, documentary film
2008 Editor


Ramattan News Agency, produced for UNRWA “Equality in action”, documentary film,
2008 Editor Ramattan News Agency, produced for UNRWA “More than half”, documentary film
2009 Editing  and Mixing Ramattan News Agency, Gaza & ART French TV. Making the editing and mixing of documentary film Gaza Sederot, film contains 40 stories from Gaza.
2009 Editor


Ramattan News Agency “the messengers of truth “, documentary film
2009 Trainer Woman Affairs center Giving a training course in Film Montage.
2009 Editing  and Mixing   Making the montage of the documentary film “Jefara Gaza” , shown on TV Channels.


2009 Editing  and Mixing   Making the mixing of documentary film “to where?”.
2009 Editing  and Mixing Italian Channel. Making the editing and mixing of documentary film “Barlenty Shells”.


2010 Editing  and Mixing Narrative Short film ” Masho Matok “
2013 Film maker Industrial , media and documentary films and promotions.
2014 Mixing Lama Art Sara 2014 narrative long Film
Other experiences 2009 Officer   Target Group

Target media production for making documentary films.

2010 Video and sound editor


Ramattan News Agency, Gaza Making all the sound and video edit for all Ramatan reports and films.
2010 Graphic Designer Fajer Advertising, Gaza  
2010 Trainer Sharek Youth Forum Montage training
2010 Director of Technical Department Alkitab Channel To present.


Trainer CMC – community media center Mixing and montage


Supervisor CMC – community media center Supervision of films mixing and montage
2014 Director Alkitab Channel The Star program. ” Creativity singing talents”


Courses :


  • Course in directing documentary films, Beirzait university.
  • Course in Video editing course, Islamic University.


Languages :

  • Arabic : mother tongue.
  • English : Good.


Computer Experiences :

  • very good experience in using computer, Microsoft Office (excel, word & power point) & Internet Explorer
  • Excellent experience in Adobe Premier, Photoshop, After Effect , Corel Draw.
  • Different PC, Apple programmers sound & video editing.


References :

  • Khalil Muzayen , Director , Gaza, 00972599332673
  • Abd Alsalam Shehata , Director , Gaza , 00972599401266
  • Faied Abu Shamala , Councilor of BBC Network in The middle East , Turkey, [email protected]



يونيو 19, 2014

Montaser Al Sabea


Montaser  Al sabea


ID : 800759136456409_4698288531897_811019610_o (1)


Gaza, Palestine


Birthday : 30/5/87


Cell +(972)0599 497128 ;
e-mail: [email protected]






Montaser Al sbea  Is a Palestinian freelance filmmaker , he has experience in direction and production as well as technical skills in Editing , mixing , lighting and filming  .





  • High School Palestine, ( 2005 ) .    
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia




Director and Editor  in lama film company


Graphic Designer in Palestinian water authority “PMU”


Trainer multimedia Courses in new line company , Professional information technology company .



Symposium Promo  – Gaza Center for culture and arts

Tow short Documentary for lama film

Executive Director for  NDC office Gaza film 

Executive Director  for five animation spot for UNMAS



Sara feature film

ESU Short Documentary  film for UNRWA

al waheel Documenty film For Al jazeera Satellite Channel

Popular Achievement Short Documentary film for Quaker

Clip Helwa al donia UNMAS Media Project

Five Animation spots for UNMAS

Four Spots for Al ketab Satellite Channel



Gaza36mm Documentary film “French dubbing”

ESU Short Documentary  film for UNRWA

Popular Achievement Short Documentary  film for Quaker


Assistant director

Sara feature film directed by khalil almozain

Palestine water authority media project

4short Documentary  for UNRWA

3 short Drama for UNMAS


يونيو 19, 2014

Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa


Name: Mahmoud Mohamed Yousef Abu ghalwa
• Date and place of birth: Palestine – Gaza – 10/25/1987          mahmoud
• Nationality: Palestinian.
• Marital status: married
• Identification Number: 801788472
• Address: North Gaza – Beit Lahia – next to the market.
• Contact Numbers: Mobile – 0599571077/0598684780 T – 082378856
• E-mail: ba7ar.muh @ hotmail.com
• Specialization: Bachelor of Mathematics Education – Islamic University.
• Current Work: Assistant director and feature film montages (Company Lama Film Production).


educational certificates:-

• secondary Actions – School of Beit Lahiya, 2005
• Bachelor of Mathematics Education – Islamic University – Palestine, 2010.


Talent, and the elements of excellence
• writer in the field of the short story and the novel.
• playwriting and drama.
• in the art of writing the article (eg, satire, social)
• script writing for films, documentaries and drama.
• Preparation of television programs.


Volunteer places

1 – intellectual creativity Sailing Forum (2006 to 2009)
2 – Company-term (2009)
3 – Studio AL-Aqsa University (2008 to 2009)



Training courses:-

• Training of intellectual creativity Sailing Forum in the preparation of television programs with a. Fayez Abdel Gawad.
• A training course in the art of leadership, and communication with a. Mohammed Swairki.
• Training of trainers “TOT”
• Training in the field of photography, the agency apa



Language qualifications:_

• strong Arab language (writing, reading, conversation, review and audit)
• English (very good reading, writing is very good, very good conversation)



Practical experience in training:

• Coach of the UNICEF project (short film industry) on a class of children. (17-10-2010 to 17-11-2010)
1 – how thoughts industry.
2 – How to photography and editing.
3 – How to work scenario movies, photography drawing board.
4 – How Professional directed short films.


• trained in the art of montage television, and the use of electronic software (Company-term – Gaza) 2009
• coach on the program Adobe After Effect (beginner course) (Company-term – Gaza) 2009
• trained in the art of leadership, communication _ (intellectual creativity Sailing Forum) 2008 to 2009
• trained in the art of filmmaking, the project (analysis of the human rights situation in the Gaza Strip) to the children’s category (15-10-2011 to 15-11-2011) (Children of War Foundation Dutch)
• trained in the art of filmmaking, the Windows Foundation for Contemporary Art (making short films on child class)
From the date of 04/11/2011 to 11/30/2011.


  • trained in the art of painting and installation, the project art (Children of War Foundation Dutch) on a class of children (1-12-2011 to 12.30.2011)
    • coach in the filmmaking program at Foundation (AMIDEAST) .., The youth category (25-6-2012 to 09/01/2012)
    • coach on the TV industry Flashes the Palestinian institution .. Youth (01/01/2013 to 10/1/2-13)
    • Musharraf in the movies oxygenator Women’s Affairs Center .. Eighth Film Festival / during the year 2012/2013.
    • Mnteg of the Movies Screens Film Festival .. Foundation monitors – Gaza / Ramallah .. For 2013



Experience in screenwriting:


1 – Write a TV drama series (educational, instructional, Comedy) to the slice of children in the educational agency channel.
Number of episodes: 20 episodes.
Episode: 15 minutes.
Director: Sami Haw.
2 – Write a screenplay for the film (the ability and disability).


Practical experience in the field of output and movies:
• television director in forum Satellite Channel (1-8-2010 to 25-12-2010)
1 – in the field of directed television programs.
* A program of the heart (external) .. interested in social affairs.
* Software Sports stadiums (indoor studio) .. cares about sports affairs.
2 – In the field of documentary filmmaking.
* No witnesses (documentary)
3 – In the field of propaganda drama output


Practical experience in the field of and production

• television director in forum Satellite Channel (1-8-2010 to 25-12-2010)
1 – in the field of directed television programs.
* A program of the heart (external) .. interested in social affairs.
* Software Sports stadiums (indoor studio) .. cares about sports affairs.
2 – In the field of documentary filmmaking.
* No witnesses (documentary)
3 – In the field of propaganda drama propaganda.



1 – Flood film (documentary) (2008 film about the war on the Gaza Strip) (range)
(Soundtrack, and art director)
2 – Shahid’s film (documentary) (Movie Martyr Fadel Shana) (Al-Aqsa University Gaza)
3 – Movie window of Palestine (documentary) (no effects in the Gaza Strip) (Ministry of Tourism, Gaza)
4 – crime in the movie proceeded moieties (drama + Video Art) (a blend of contemporary art)
(Not in the political criticism)
5 – phosphorus movie War (photographic film) (on the impact of phosphorus and the war on the children of the Gaza Strip, the impact of the recent war)

(View as an official at the Islamic University and participated in exhibitions in Germany and France)
6 – witnesses film (documentary) (10 years of intifada and carried out by the Palestinian press) (Forum TV channel)
7 – the body of film (silent movie) (for taunting psychological and physical direction of Palestinian women) (General Union of Cultural Centers) (editing and directed by executive) director (Isaac Rita).
8 – Film honor (Video Art Short) (honor killings) (Special)
(Director and Editor).
9 – film (where) (Video Art Short) (about music and the people) (Special)
(Director and Editor and photography)
13 – film (WIG included) (documentary documentary) (Personal poet and rapper in Gaza) (Special)
(directed and photography)


14 -Film(Nakba 63) (documentary)(on the history of PalestineandrevolutionsPalestine) (attic Committeeforthe rights of refugees-Liberation Organization)
(Assistant EditorandDirector)
15 -film(PictureHunter) (documentary) (children offishermenatthephotographysession) (World Vision Foundation) (directed)

16 -Film (ability and disability) (documentary technician) (with specialneeds) (special) (scenario and directed).
17 -Film(young people arethefuture(documentary) (documenting theactivitiesoftheyoung peoplearethefutureproject) (General Union of Cultural Centers) (screenplay and filminganddirected).
18 – Film(Gazaopensignals)(documentary)(for the education of hearing impairedchildrentothe theaterLanguage) (Children of War FoundationNetherlands)(screenplayand filminganddirected).


Public and private shows:-


1 – White NightFestival(French Center Strip- Jerusalem -France)
(Did not honor)
2 – Stripfestivalofcontemporaryvisualart(StripCenter)
(No where)
(A collection of photographs of art)
3 – Palestineyouthmagazine(the West Bank)
(No where)
4 -WorldDisabledDayFestival(the Independent Commission for Human Rights).
(Film abilityand disability)

1 – film honor(of the best twofilmsaredisplayWimWhite NightFestivalinthe French CenterStrip.
2 – filmwhere (the first prize as the bestviedoArtFestival inGazaforcontemporaryvisualart-Gaza.
3 -Movieabilityand disability (First Prize, Short Film FestivalwiththeGeneralofHuman Rights)



Practical experience in the theater:-
1 – in the area of ​​soundtracks, and sound effects with intellectual creativity Sailing Forum  In the following plays (home, screaming for adults, upside down, and it was time)

with the director  (Hazem Abu Hamid).
2 – In the field of art direction for the theater, and making short films, photographs, soundtracks with Alausen Band Review Theater, Theater Review (Picture people).
3 – I worked in the field of art direction in several plays, poetry, literary, theatrical (Okaz market)
And play (together)
4 – operetta (under adult) of Al-Azhar University in Gaza (operetta hair) (Director and Editor).


Experiences on the computer and cameras:-
1 -Workonentireofficeset
2 -Workonthefollowingprogramsmontage:



desian photo sound vedio
Adobe After Effect HDRAudio processing technology Adobe Audition Sony Vegas(9.0)
  Adobe Photoshop Sound craft mix Adobe Premiere
      EDIUS 6
      Final cut pro


4 -cinematicTricks, and unloadingoncomputerprograms.
5 – professionalphotography.
6 -Photographyonthefollowingtypes of cameras(sony 175andsonyHDZ7andcanon mark 5)
7 -3yearsofexperienceinthedistributionoflightingintheRashad Shawahall, andshortfilms



Experiences of other electronic:-
1 – Work a montage-mail (Crushed video)
2 – Work on Crushed audio device.
3 – Technical Innovation trims for television programs.
4 – Technical design posters for movies.



يونيو 12, 2011

Khalil Al-Mozain


Khalil Al Mozain Is a Palestinian film maker, he has extensive experience in direction and production as well as technical skills in camera and sound.  He is a seasoned trainer in  film making. 


  • High School Palestine, ( 1983 ) .    
  • Diploma in photography Jerusalem, ( 1986 ).
  • Bachelor Degree in cinematic directory ( civilization Academy ), San Butrus Burg, Russia,(1997).
  • at FOJO institute in Sweden November 2009


  • Director for Palestinian Satellite Channel Palestine, ( 1999 to present ) .  
  • Director for Ramattan News Agency Palestine, ( 2000 to 2009 ).
  • Extensive project work as Director for numerous International and Local Organization including  UN, Swiss Agency ,NGO and others
  • Trainer Courses for many programs and workshops for Al Azher and  Bearzeit University .        


  • Directing several programs and documentary films
  • Director:  Passers on Gaza Skin, Documentary film (three episodes), Produced by Al Jazeera (2000).
  • Director: Birth of portrait, Short narrative film ( 1997 ).  
  • Director: Sharon, a war criminal, Documentary film, produced by Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (2005) .
  • Director: Sky Promise, Documentary film, produced by PSC (1999).
  • Director:  Names you want, Video Art, PSC production ( 2001).
  • Director:  Expired show, Video Art,( 2007).
  • Director:  No way out, Video Art,( 2007) .
  • Director: Terrorism, Documentary program, PSC production .
  • Director: Line and Color Trip,( 13 episodes)  about Art, PSC production ( 2006).
  • Director: A set of stories for Al Jazeera Children Channel.buy steroids onlinerong>
  • Director: Media and Issue Program, produced by PSC (2004).
  • Director:  Family, My Life Programs, Produced By PSC (2003).
  • Director:  Scene Failure, about torture, Produced by Ramattan. (2008) .
  • Director:  Under Siege Program,  private program by Al Jazeera.
  • Director: Under Siege Film, Documentary film, executive production.
  • Director: Gaza – Sderot, Features episodes, for ARTE France by Ramattan .
  • Director:  Messengers of the truth,  produced by Rammtan agency (2009).
  • Director:  Gevara Gaza, Documentary film, (2009) .
  • Director: Masho Matook, Fiction film (25 min ) ( 2010 ) Participant in the Cannes Film Festival (2011 ) .
  • Director : Gaza Poster , Documentary film, (2011).
  • Director : Gaza Monoluges , Documentary film, (2011).

Training Courses

  • Training Course for “Al Jalaa Society for Arts and Culture”
  • Training course on TV and Documentary programs Directory, in Media House( 2007).
  • Training group of graduated students of Al Azhar University of Gaza, in cooperation with Ramattan News Agency (2006).
  • Training course for students supervised by Bearzeit University 2009 .

Film Festivals

  •  International San Butrus Burg Festival (1997).
  • Geneva Festival ( 2001) .
  • Cairo Festival for Media (2003). a prize on Terrorism Program
  • Al Jazeera Festival ( 2001-2001-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2011).
  • Festival Beirut (2010 ) .
  • Cannes Film Fistival (2011 ) .
  • And many international festivals .


  • Director in Al Jalaa’ Sosiety ( 1999 – 2001 ).
  • A member in Palestinian Unity of writers.
  • Director in Social Media Society ( 2007).

Gaza, Palestine
Cell +(972)0599 332 673;
 e-mail: [email protected]


يونيو 11, 2011

Ibrahim Yaghi


Personal Data:hema1

Name:                         Ibrahim Yaghi

Nationality:             Palestinian.

Language:                Arabic (Mother tongue).

Date of Birth:         9th April 1981

Place of Birth:        Gaza

Material Status:   Married

Driving License:   standard license, issued in Gaza 

Address & Contact Numbers:

– Mobile                  +97259-600809

– Email Address      [email protected]

– Address:               Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine.



High School

Diploma in Radio and Television Arts, Al Aqsa University, 2003. 

Work Experience:

Ramattan News Agency: Cameraman and editor, April 2003 – September 2009 

  I covered all military operations and incursions in the Gaza Strip and most recently last war on Gaza

NHK TV: Cameraman and editor July 2004 to December 2010

Films and projects


  • Cameraman and lighting for Documentary film (Gaza Posters) 2011 trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx_DyjsmHBw
  • Cameraman and lighting for Documentary film (Gaza Monologues) 2010-2011
  • Cameraman and lighting for A 25 fiction Film ( Masho Matook ) 2010. Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Hejy4mJVA
    • This film has been selected in the Cannes Film Festival 2011Cameraman for film (Guevara Gaza 2009 )  Prize for the best film festival in Beirut 2010
  • Cameraman for film (Messengers of Truth) 2009
  • Cameraman for Video art ( Scene Failure ) 2008 Rocket French- Top Seller! Earn Up To $150 Per Sale!2z57yQQ”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is9i22z57yQQ
  • Cameraman for film (To My Father) 2008   Golden Falcon Award in Rotterdam Film Festival
  • Cameraman and producer for (Gaza-Sderot Project) 2008


  • Cameraman for film (Good Morning Gaza) 2006
  • 3 episodes, 45 min each; “Al Aberoon ala Jild Gaza (Passers-by on the Skin of Gaza)

 Al-Jazeera Channel

  • Cameraman Documentary films and programs. Among them:
  •  “Fi Deyafet Al Bondeqeya    [the Host of Venice] ”  Al-Jazeera Channel
  • Photographer freelance in Gaza
  • Lighting setup for several films
  • Islamic University Animation Department, Assistant Director, 6 months, 2003.
  • Participating in the 2006 White Night held at the French Council
  • with three photographs     portrait of Gaza winter


  • 60 hour course in documentary film-making, Birzeit University in cooperation with Al Aqsa University, 2008.
  • 60 hour course in Lighting and TV Filming, Birzeit University in cooperation with Ramattan News Agency, 2003.
  • 3D Max, Islamic University, 2003.
  • Adobe Premiere, Islamic University, 2002.
  • Photoshop, Islamic University, 2002.
  • Sound Forge, Islamic University, 2002



  • Training in various film and production techniques, and in preparing training materials.
  • Very good at conducting interviews and doing field coverage.
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills, especially among institutions, exhibitions and festivals.
  • Very good at writing & editing reports and editing news articles.
  • Very good at internet research; professional in most Office applications.
  • Good typist.
  • Ability to work independently & within a team.
  • Willingness to learn & develop.
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Capable of working under pressure.



Playing basketball and ping pong, as well as swimming in my leisure time.


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