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يناير 28, 2016

بقايا صور — Remnants of Photos

يتناول الفيلم (بقايا صور) استهداف المدنيين في العدوان وما تبقى للعائلات من ذكرى مؤلمة بعد فقدانهم لأحبابهم، كما نقل صورة شاملة حول العدوان الاخير من قصف واستهداف للمدنيين وللأطقم الطبية.
من إخراج المخرج الفلسطيني خليل المزين وانتاج مركز الميزان

يناير 28, 2016

الإسعاف… Ambulance

الإسعاف… Ambulance
فيلم وثائقي من انتاج مركز الميزان لحقوق الإنسان، يسلط الضوء على الانتهاكات الإسرائيلية بحق العاملين في المجال الصحي خلال العدوان الأخير على قطاع غزة، صيف 2014.
A documentary produced by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights focusing on IOF violations against the medical workers during a the last aggression on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014.

يونيو 12, 2014

Popular Achievement Film 2013

Popular Achievement Film 2013
برنامج الانجاز الشعبي

LAMA film

مايو 9, 2013

UNRWA’s Young Women Leaders Program

In Gaza, with the economy at the brink of almost total collapse and unemployment rates among the highest in the world, youth stand out as the most affected.
Young women of graduate age face the highest rate of unemployment. Educated, but without the skills and experience needed by the labour market, many women graduates are left outside the workforce with few hopes for the future.

UNRWA's Young Women Leaders Programme (YWLP) is a project designed to empower and build the capacity of these unemployed young femal

e graduates. The programme aims to close the skills-gap between the labour market and the educated labour force ensuring women are developing transferrable skills and experience needed in the job sector. Through leadership and self-development coaching, advanced training in computers, English and management combined with work placement schemes, the YWLP fosters the resource young women in Gaza carry and nurtures their productive agency to become empowered young leaders in their communities while at the same time contributing to the recovery of the economy of Gaza.


Lama Film

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